Spinning demonstration on Sma Shot Day in the Thread Mill Museum in Paisley

Come along to the spinning demonstration on Sma Shot Day in Paisley’s Thread Mill Museum on Saturday, 7. July 12.30- 15.30

Have you ever heard of Sma Shot Day? No? Me neither. So here we go! I discovered that Sma Shot Day is related to the weaving industry, which made Paisley one of the major textile producing areas in the British Empire. That was in the 19th century. The sma shot was the binding thread between the patterned scarves which Paisley is famous for. The sma shot was never seen in the finished scarves and the manufacturers refused to pay the weavers for the yarn. Eventually after years of dispute the weavers won their cause.  Even today this victory is still celebrated! The traditional July holiday was renamed as Sma Shot Day and is celebrated on the first Saturday of that month, which is this coming Saturday, 7. July .

Laryna at the spinning wheel

This year I have been asked to deliver a spinning demonstration on Sma Shot Day in the Thread Mill Museum in

Paisley. I’ll bring my spinning wheel and hand spindles and a variety of wool fibres to demonstrate the traditional craft of hand spinning.

Hand spindles
A variety of wooden hand spindles

There will also be a weaving demonstration by another weaver the same time.  Bring your children as this is a rare opportunity to find out about those traditional textile crafts which were quite common in the 19. century and beginning of the 20. century.  I am originally trained as a hand weaver myself and learned hand spinning with my hand made hand spindle as a teenager. Besides the felt workshops I’m running, I love to share those traditional hand spinning skills and to demonstrate them at events.

Come along this Saturday, 07. July 2018 and enjoy Sma Shot Day in Paisley!

More information about  Sma Shot Day in Paisley

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