Laryna’s felt workshops in 2018

Felt workshops in Glasgow and surroundings

Milngavie Makers Market
Stall at Milngavie Makers Market

As an experienced fiber craft artist and workshop leader I’m happy to share my skills and expertise with you in felt workshops. Some workshops are suitable for children when accompanied by an adult.

Please book in advance to secure your place. Bring a friend and you both will get 10% off your fee. Applies only for the 3 hours – and 3.5 hours workshops and if it’s the first time for both of you to participate in one of my felt workshop.

The venue for the following workshops, if not stated otherwise, is: 63 Crowhill Road, G64 1QY, Glasgow/Bishopbriggs (near the train station and Bishopbriggs town centre). For updates and to be added to the mailing list please use the contact form.

Felt making is an amazing relaxing, uplifting, rewarding and creative activity. Find out yourself and book in for one or a series of felt workshops.

Additionally you can book my service for private or public felt workshops, tailored to the requirements of your group.

Needle felted ornaments and more
Needle felted ornaments and more

Fortnightly needle felt workshops Wednesdays 10.00-11.30am

PicMonkey Collage

We use colourful wool fibers to make seasonal decorations, e.g. ornaments, jewelry, woolly fairies, gnomes, animals, flowers, fruits and more. Or bring your own ideas, what you would like to create from wool fibers. You can learn how to use a felt needle for 2 and 3 dimensional dry felting, or improve your needle felt skills. It’s fun and I warn you, you can get hooked. 🙂 No previous experience needed. Sessions can be booked separately. Dates for the next workshops: The next Wednesdays are: Wednesday, 05. & 19. September and 03. & 17. & 31. October and 14. & 28. November and 5. & 19. December 2018. Price: Regular participants £7 per session, drop in £9 per session. Includes material and a cup of tea. Children age 7+ are welcome during school holidays, when accompanied by an adult. Venue: Bishopbriggs

Two dates for beginners wet felt workshops: Tuesday, 16. October, 10.30am-1.00pm and Tuesday, 06. November, 2.00pm-4.30pm

Wet felted bracelet in Autumn colours
Wet felted brooches

In this wet felt workshop you’ll learn to create a flat felted item. If you’re new to wet felting you’ll receive an introduction into the wet felting process. You’ll learn to felt a bead and then make a flat felted sheet for a coaster, or a brooch. Or you can create a flower. It’s fun and you can get hooked easily! No previous experience requested. Children from 8+years are welcome when accompanied by an adult. Price: £19 Max. 4 participants. Please book and pay in advance to secure your place. Venue: Bishopbriggs

Create a seamless felted pouch – half day wet felt workshop on Saturday, 24. November 2018, 1.30-5.00pm

Felted pouches
Felted pouches for a mobile phone and for a pair of glasses

You’ll learn to create a seamless felt item e. g. a pouch, a pair of wrist cuffs or a vessel. With colourful sheep’s wool fibres, warm water, soap and friction you’ll learn to felt around a template to create a hollow felt item. You can create your own design choosing from many colour shades. Then the fluffy soft wool fibres will be transformed into a firm, felted useful item.

Reversible wet felted wrist cuffs

It’s great fun to experience the process of wet felting. Craft experience and basic felt experience are welcome. If you are new to wet felting it is useful to first participate in a beginner wet felt workshop. If wet felting is new to you but you have craft experience, then I recommend to create a felt item like a pouch. This workshop is suitable for children age 10+ with interest in craft and accompanied by an adult. Price: £27. Max. 4 participants. Please book and pay in advance to secure your place. In case you would like to felt a cover for a mini hot water bottle, then basic felt experience is expected and the price for the workshop would be an extra £5, which means £32 for the workshop, incl. mini hot water bottle. Venue: Bishopbriggs. This workshop is listed in Craft Courses uk.

Create a flower fairy- needle felt workshop on Saturday, 03. November 10.30am-1.00pm.

Fairies, needle felted

We’ll use colourful wool fibres and create a needle felted three dimensional object: A fairy, a gnome or a flower. Beginners are welcome! The aim of this workshop is: ● to learn needle felting, or improve your needle felt skills. ● to experiment with colours and design ● to take home your own unique needle felted item and have learned or improved a new skill. No previous experience needed. It’s fun to get creative in this way and you can easily get hooked! Price: £17 to be paid in advance to secure your place. Venue: Bishopbriggs

Create a wet felted landscape picture and add needle felted features. Felt workshop on Tuesday, 23. October 10.00am-3.00pm

In this combined felt workshop you will first create a wet felted picture, using your imagination, or bring an image, photo, postcard or drawing for inspiration. The size of the picture could be about A4 or smaller. After the wet felt process has been completed you will learn to add features and highlights to your felted picture, using a specific felt needle. Basic felt experience is useful, but not requested. Price: £39. All material included. Tea and biscuits provided. Please book in advance, as places are limited to four participants. Venue: Bishopbriggs

Wet felted early Spring landscape with a little bit of needle felting

Please, feel free to invite friends to the felt workshops!

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