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Beautiful, individualized, hand felted fiber craft creations: Colorful flower fairies, sparkling fairies, angels, dwarfs, gnomes, seasonal items and more to surprise a special friend, to welcome a new born child, for a fairy friend, for a child and the child in an adult or even for yourself. Please have a look through my gallery and enjoy.! You can purchase these lovely beings via email or even let me know about your special wish for a personalized fairy.

Journey, for wholeness sake!

Art & Fiber-Craft Exhibition in the Penicuik Community Art Association / Gallery CafĂ© in Penicuik 09. April – 05. May 2018, Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

Felted pictures and Green man

The April Art & Craft Exhibition showing elements of my creative journey and some works of friends, members of the Camphill and the Galgael intentional Communities in Germany and Scotland. The intention of the artists is journeying towards wholeness. Their journey can be seen as a clarion call for the world today: art and craft are essential for becoming and being whole.

Watercolour paintings, felted and hand woven items

My journey as hand weaver, art therapist, painter and felter was and is characterised by my interest in supporting people from many ways of life to develop their creativity. Creativity to express ourselves,

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Needle felting is fun!

Needle felted dwarf in bright blue

It is a long while ago when I learned about needle felting during a visit to my family. It was my sister-in-law who introduced me to needle felting. She gave me a small hand full of white sheep’s wool fibres and a barbed felt needle. I remember standing in their kitchen,

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