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The healing energies of fairies can help to regenerate the body and the more subtle energy bodies. The joy and light of the fairies and their sense for beauty and harmony can be supportive to regain health and strength and bring the energies of the physical body and the subtle bodies’ into balance. It is a loving and transforming healing energy, which helps body, mind and soul to mobilize their inherent healing forces. The healing treatments can include hands on healing, essences, plants crystals and guided meditations.

Meet me at the Enchanted Secret Garden Fair

Enchanted Secret Garden Fair in the Botanical Garden, Glasgow

Meet me at the Enchanted Secret Garden Fair on Sunday, 14. May 11.00-16.00

Feeling excited to have a stall at the Enchanted Secret Garden Fair in the Kibble Palace in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. Come along to this free event and meet me and my fairies, gnomes, Green Men, a fire dragon, a mermaid and  more beautiful felted magical beings. Additional I’ll offer a range of sparkling colourful crystals and cards and prints from my beautiful water – colour paintings.

I warmly invite you to come along to this beautiful venue: the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens and enjoy a magical day with a variety of stalls with craft and art work from talented makers.

Looking forward to meet you there!

You can find out more about the event on Facebook.

With magical fairy sparkles and lots of joy

Laryna’s creative fiber craft

Needle felted Sunflower fairy

Enjoying creating seasonal felt decoration

Star Angel, needle felted

I really enjoy experiencing the different seasons; the way how they unfold, transform and change through the year. The change of colours in nature is an amazing transformation, which I do observe in total awe. I love to share my joy and love for nature and it’s wonders and beauty. I share it e.g. in workshops, in fairy healing, in nature healing, in nature mandalas, in my fibre craft creations, in  paintings and even when I’m dancing.

Seasonal felt creations

As the seasons and the realm of nature beings are very close to my heart it is no wonder that one of my favorite activities is to create seasonal items and ornaments. Even though the seasons occur every year, I still enjoy creating something new, use different colours, shapes and even different materials as you can see below.

A few weeks ago I had some fun by painting these gnome faces on wood. Or do you think they look a bit like Santas?

Wooden gnomes
Wooden gnomes

Anyway, here are 4 mini Santas, needle felted from wool fibres. One of them was made by a felt workshop participant.

Needle felted Santas
Needle felted Santas
Needle felt workshops

If you wish to learn how to seasonal felt creations using needle felting, then I am happy to welcome you at one or a series of felt workshops.

Fairies and angels
Fairies and angels

Angels and fairies are always a beautiful decoration and a lovely hand-made gift.


Fire and water fairy
Fire and water fairy


I recently enjoyed creating fairies related to the elements. The first fairy is related to fire and water and the second one is related to earth and water.

Earth and water fairy
Earth and water fairy




Toad stol and dwarf





If you like more subtle colour shades, then you may enjoy creations out of plant dyed wool like this toad stool and gnome. This one here has found a new home in Belgium. I love when my creations find new homes and friends in different parts of the world. I am happy to create bespoke items and ornaments either needle felted or wet felted and bring joy and beauty to my customers.  Please, contact me if you  wish to order a customized felted item and I am happy to create one for you, your friend or family.