A stroll through the Moss

Foxglove galore

Today, I’ll take you on a tour and share with you from my recent walks in Lenzie Moss, a Nature Reserve in East Dunbartonshire. It is one of my favorite places nearby to go for a walk and to explore the natural world. Lenzie Moss is easy to access, a few minutes from Lenzie railway station. There is woodland with mainly Silver Birches and a wide open area, the actual peat bog, overgrown with heather, grass, wild flowers and cotton grass and with quite a bit of mud, water, little ponds and puddles.

It can be muddy in the Moss, and so I am careful where I walk. The Moss also has an abundance of bilberry plants. I’m very much looking forward to picking the berries very soon. I actually already picked a few ripe berries. They were delicious! You just need to know the plants to be sure to pick and eat the right ones.

When I visited the Moss recently with a friend we were enjoying many beautiful moments observing the colours and shapes of various plants, in particular foxgloves in abundance, orchids and wild flowers. Lenzie Moss has one main circular walk and many small paths created by humans and maybe deer. There was no deer to be seen that day. My friend and I walked a few small paths, not knowing where exactly in the Moss they would take us. Sometimes benches, especially beautifully shaped new ones were inviting us to sit down and have a rest and look around, e.g. looking northwards with the hills of the Campsie Fells in the distance.

Yesterday I visited Lenzie Moss again and I was on my own. When I came out of the birch wood into the open space I was surprised to see a deer standing in the heather not far from me, looking towards me. The deer was probably as surprised as I was. While I was standing still not to scare the deer I also saw something moving close to the ground. A fawn with its small white spots in its bright brown fur was lying in the heather! It seemed to be very small. I felt touched and honored to be able to see this little baby deer. I didn’t move and the mother deer and I looked at each other until I decided to slowly walk away from mother and baby to avoid more disturbances for them. When I visit the Moss on my own and I walk quietly the small paths I quite often see deer. I’m enjoying to observe them, while they are moving or grazing.

Cotton grass
Cotton grass in the Moss

On days when I like to connect deeper with nature, to explore, observe, discover, and sense nature, I prefer to walk the small paths. I often stand still for a while, e.g. watch the sunset, listen to bird song, smell, feel the breeze of the wind on my skin, sit down if possible, and just be and take it all in, still and quietly. I feel nourished and grounded, and I can relax. When I go back home I feel refreshed, calm and content, and enriched with experiences in nature.

The main path

Do you now feel curious and would like to accompany me on a walk or on a mindful experience connecting with nature in Lenzie Moss or other places in nature? Please feel welcome to get in touch. It’s my pleasure to share with you what’s close to my heart. Nature-connection experiences will also be offered as 1 on 1 sessions for personal development.