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Needle felting is fun!

Needle felted dwarf in bright blue

It is a long while ago when I learned about needle felting during a visit to my family. It was my sister-in-law who introduced me to needle felting. She gave me a small hand full of white sheep’s wool fibres and a barbed felt needle. I remember standing in their kitchen,

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Creating Gnomes and Dwarfs from colourful natural fibres

Creating gnomes, dwarfs and other nature related beings from natural sheep’s wool fibres can be really fascinating and enjoyable. During the process of felting from fluffy wool into a firm sculptured shape the little being becomes more and more individual and eventually – with a pair of eyes looking at you – becomes a kind of person, a being, a character inĀ it’s own way.

Dwarf Mirko, needle felted
Mirko a needle felted dwarf with lantern

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