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The fun of felt berets

 I love to felt berets in different colours and sizes.

This is my latest addition to the range of felted berets I’ve made.

Wearing my turquoise felted beret

Here I used turquoise merino wool in 4 very fine layers for every side, felted around a template.

This very light beret weighs just 52 gramm. It is very comfortable to wear: soft, light and warm.

The beautiful big Shetland wool beret below, with 40cm diameter was one of two berets made for stilts walkers in England.

Big Shetland wool felt beret, 39cm diameter

In the last few years I have felted different sized berets. Most of them I made as customised orders. Customers from different parts of the world e.g. New Zealand, Continue reading The fun of felt berets

A fire dragon, my latest felt creation

Needle felted Fire Dragon
Needle felted Fire Dragon
Sculpturing with wool fibres and a felt needle is great fun!

What I enjoy in particular is the use of colourful fibres, blended together in all kinds of different shades. Then I shaped the coloured wool fibres with the barbed felt needle. I either shaped the wool fibres on their own or Continue reading A fire dragon, my latest felt creation